Jaw-dropping Results Indeed

One of our core values here at YES Prep is to “Achieve Jaw-Dropping Results”.

Of course we take pride on the many data points that show the growth of our students, college acceptance and, ultimately, college graduation.  However, there are other “Jaw-Dropping Result” data points.

Last week, we received a call on Monday morning from the moderator of the SAT exam that had been administered over the weekend.  The moderator had been at the University of Houston test site where students from our Southwest campus were taking the test.  Taking the SAT is always a big deal for students, especially for students from a school where being accepted to college is a graduation requirement.

The moderator was calling simply to offer high praise for the conduct of the YES Prep students.  While we haven’t received the SAT results yet, we’re extremely pleased to hear that this test moderator was so inspired by our students that she felt compelled to make time just to call and tell us about her positive experience.  Shout out to the students, teachers, and administrators at Southwest for representing YES Prep so well!

When we do receive the SAT scores, we’re confident that they will reflect all of the time and energy that our students and teachers put into learning and teaching.  Recently, Calvin Stocker, one of our Instructional Coaches, posted here about how we use data to Drive Visionary Change.   As an organization, we’re really focused on data, especially student achievement data.  By the time our students take the SAT, they have usually already taken at least 15 of our district-wide Common Assessment tests, that not only give students a chance to get used to high-pressure test-taking, they also give teachers critical data on which concepts their  students are mastering and which need additional instructional time.  So when those students from Southwest sat down to take the SAT, of course they were well-behaved; they knew they were prepared to succeed.

And finally, what’s really jaw-dropping about our achievements is that we are doing it while still managing to spend less per pupil than our peer school districts in the greater Houston area, as highlighted by a recent report released by The Laura and John Arnold Foundation.  Strong results, lower spending, AND teenagers who woke up early on a Saturday morning to take a grueling test being commended for their behavior?  Jaw-dropping indeed.

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