College Admissions: By the Numbers

College application season is in full swing on our campuses with Senior classes!  In recognition of all of the quizzes that our Seniors have taken during their career at YES Prep, a quiz on College Admissions at YES Prep: By the Numbers (answers below):

Question #1:  4 is:

a) Harvard University’s acceptance rate

b) The number of YES Prep campuses with Senior classes

Question #2:  306 represents:

a) The number of Seniors across all YES Prep campuses in 2013 – 2014

b) The number of colleges and universities YES Prep students have been accepted to since our first class graduated in 2001

Question #3:  Over 90% of YES Prep graduates:

a) Matriculate to college within one year of graduation

b) Are the first generation in their family to go to college

Question #4:  2,345 is the number of:

a) Stamps used and “submit” buttons clicked by the YES Prep Class of 2013 to send applications

b) 4 year colleges in the US as of 2009 – 2010

Question #5:  250 is equal to:

a) The number of colleges and universities to which YES Prep students have applied in 2012 – 2013

b) The number of students enrolled in the first year of “Project YES”, the precursor to YES Prep Public Schools

Before we get to the quiz answers, a shoutout to all of our Seniors who have been working tirelessly, not just on their applications, but over the whole course of their academic careers, to go out into the world and Achieve Jaw-Dropping Results.  And a shoutout to all of the teachers, counselors, and administrative staff who have supported them along the way.

And now, the answers:  (1) b (a = 6% for the class of 20161), (2) a (b = 2902), (3) b (a = 99%3), (4) a (b = 2,7744), (5) a (b = 585)

How did you do?  We’re still waiting for our students’ college acceptance results and can’t wait to find out where our Seniors will call home next fall!


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