Two Broad Prize Winners Partner To Create New Options for Students in Aldine ISD

On Tuesday, April 16,2013 the Aldine ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimouslyto approve a contract to allow YES Prep Public Schools to open a campus charter program within Aldine ISD. The YES Prep Board voted unanimously as well to approve the contract. This is YES Prep’s third district partnership in its portfolio of schools. In 2010, the charter management organization partnered with North Forest ISD and most recently, in 2012, with KIPP and Spring Branch ISD to form the SKY Partnership—the first of its kind in the Houston area.

Partnerships between traditional independent schools districts and high performing charter schools are part of an ongoing education reform strategy to create a means by which both organizations can share best practices, leverage strengths and increase achievement for all students. The Gates Foundation has been a leader in supporting district-partnership initiatives around the country, most recently in Houston's SKY Partnership between Spring Branch ISD, KIPP, and YES Prep.

YES Prep Hoffman will open inside of Hoffman Middle School this July. The school will open with 140 sixth-grade students and will grow row one grade level at a time to serve 420 students by the 2015-2016 school year. In 2016 YES Prep and Aldine ISD will open YES Prep Eisenhower to serve students in grades 9-12. While YES Prep Hoffman students will follow the YES Prep curriculum, the partnership model combines resources to give students access to the broad range of extracurricular activities and athletics in order to enrich their educational experience.

Jason Bernal,President of YES Prep, and Wanda Bamberg, AISD Superintendent of Schools, have created a plan for continued collaboration that will focus on enhancing educational options for AISD secondary students.

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