True or False – A Quick Classroom Culture Survey

About 2-3 weeks into the school year is a good time to stop & do a quick survey to check on the culture of your classroom.  Ideally, you should be able to answer ‘true’ to each of these statements. 

______ I know all of my students’ names.  Even if you have over 100 students, this is essential.  If you don’t know a student’s name, you don’t have a relationship with them and if you don’t have a relationship with them, they are not likely to excel in your class.
______ When I give a direction, 100% of my students follow it.  This is huge.  If even 2-3 students are not meeting your expectations for each task, this will quickly snowball if students see that they don’t really have to follow your directions.  Reach out to a trusted colleague or administrator sooner than later if you’re struggling with this.
______ I have had 25 positive conversations with parents.  Before you have to call for any problems, just make a quick call to as many parents as possible to introduce yourself and say something nice about their child.  It sets a great tone for the year!
______ My students all know their current grade in my class.  Students can’t take ownership over their learning if they don’t know where they stand.  Not knowing their grades or being confused or surprised by them also leads to mistrust which breaks down your relationship with the class. 
Were you able to answer ‘true’ to all of the above statements?  If not, break out the name tags, pick up the phone, or reach out for help.  It’s still early and the students are anxious for you to make their classroom a focused, positive place for learning!

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