Leadership Lessons #2 – Laying the Foundation

The second installment of Leadership Lessons comes to us from Cara Eng, the Operations Manager on our Southwest Campus. She wrote this for the Southwest Maverick staff about the new gym that's being built there, a first for them since they opened 10 years ago. I’m excited to share it with you here:
On Thursday, at 3:30 a.m., 25 men dressed in knee high boots, aprons, and hardhats gathered in the 50 degree dark on the site of our former basketball court on a mission.  They had 3 hours to pump, rake, and smooth 31 truckloads of concrete.  They tromped through swamp-like, foot-high wet concrete working wordlessly and seamlessly as a team; there was little room for error.  Their time was short.  Their work was important.  They were laying the foundation of not just a building. 

They were laying a foundation of hopes and dreams – of the promise of triumphant victory, of the lessons learned in close defeats.  Their work laid the groundwork for countless inspirational all school morning meetings where Mavericks will gather as a family for the rest of our history. 

Like these men, we wake up in the wee hours and do work that is not glamorous.  The work is hard.  There is little room for error.  Yet, with every lesson that we plan, every assignment that we grade, every positive phone call we make, we are laying the foundation of the future adults our students will be.  Foundations are amazing things.  They are made to be invisible.  Yet, without that foundation, there is no structure. 

As I watched these men work with great purpose and tenacity, I realized that these men will never witness a valiant victory or a morning meeting.  They may never know the enormity of what they have done.  But without their expertise and precision, we would be worse off. 

When the work gets hard, and we don’t know what we’re working for, step back and look for the foundation.  Look for the greatness in the mundane.  Take pride in laying the foundation.

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