7 Things to Know About YES Prep & Aldine Being Named a Compact City

It is with much excitement that we announce that Aldine ISD and YES Prep received the honor today of being named a Compact City from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As you may recall, Bill Gates visited YES Prep Gulfton (then YES Prep Lee) in the 2007-2008 school year. He knew back then that we are all about partnerships, and now we’ve taken our idea of partnerships to a brand new level!
This is a huge honor for both Aldine and YES Prep, and particularly for YES Prep Hoffman and Hoffman MS.  
Here's what you need to know:

Q:  What is a District-Charter Collaboration Compact? 
A:  The District-Charter Collaboration Compact is an award given by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to honor a commitment made between school districts and charter schools to ensure all students in their communities graduate from high school prepared to succeed in life. The Aldine and YES Prep Compact will support our efforts to share best practices that will raise student achievement levels for all students. 
Q: What efforts do the Aldine and YES Prep Compact support?
A:  Our Compact begins by addressing equity issues that have often lead to tensions between district and charter schools, such as whether both district and public charter school students have access to necessary funding and facilities, and whether charter schools are open to all students.  In addition, the Compact supports the bold initiative of developing a college and career counseling program at the co-located high school that is modeled after the highly successful YES Prep College and Career Initiatives Program.
Q:  How is the Gates Foundation supporting the Compact?
A:  Aldine and YES Prep will receive an initial grant ($100,000) to advance the work outlined in the Compact. In addition, Aldine and YES Prep will apply for a much larger grant when released to accelerate student achievement and college-readiness across our community.
Q:  Which cities have been awarded Compact grants?
A:  There are District-Charter Collaboration Compacts in Austin; Baltimore; Boston; Central Falls (RI); Chicago; Denver; Hartford, (CT); Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Nashville; New Orleans; New York City; Philadelphia; Rochester (NY); Sacramento; and Spring Branch (TX). In 2012, Boston, Denver, Hartford (CT), New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia and Spring Branch (TX), received additional funding from the foundation.
Q:  What is the structure of the Aldine-YES Prep Partnership?
A:  YES Prep manages a middle school charter program at Hoffman MS. The students remain part of Aldine ISD but complete an academic program that is run by YES Prep. YES Prep will open a high school at Eisenhower HS in Aldine. In the year 2020, YES Prep Eisenhower will have its first graduating class in Aldine ISD. Currently there are 140 6th grade students at YES Prep Hoffman.
Q:  How will Gates hold Aldine and YES Prep accountable for carrying out the Compact?
A:  The Center on Reinventing Public Education will provide reviews on our progress on a regular basis. In addition, Gates will publish annual reports to measure our overall progress.
Q:  Is this the first Compact awarded to YES Prep or to Aldine?
A:  This is the second Compact award given to YES Prep. The first compact was awarded to YES Prep in 2012 as a member of the SKY Partnership in Houston (Spring Branch ISD, KIPP Houston, and YES Prep). This is Aldine’s first Compact award.

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