5 Ways to Show Your Colleagues Some Love this Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!  While no one is going to turn down a “You’re Appreciated” mug or a free lunch, a personal gesture can make a much more lasting impression.  It’s also not up to only the boss to make sure teachers feel appreciated, so no matter your role, show a little love this week.  Try some of these:

Give of your time.  Covering a lunch duty, making some copies, or helping organize a cabinet can go a long way in showing you care and appreciate all that they do.  Supporting people’s efforts by attending a game they’re coaching or chaperoning the dance they’re sponsoring can also make a big impact.

Write a personal note.  Nothing gives teachers a boost like finding a card on their desk and reading something genuine and specific about how great they are.  Choose a few people that may have fallen off your radar lately or try to write a few every day if you want to include everyone.

Go public. For some people, public praise takes the cake.  Being recognized in front of colleagues or a manager makes people feel valued and like they’re making important contributions.  Be specific, though.  A general, ‘you’re doing great’ can ring false and be almost awkward when shared publicly.

Thank a loved one.  Think of how touched a teacher would be if you call or send a note to their parents or significant other telling them how much you appreciate the efforts of that teacher.  One of my former managers did this and it was such a pleasant surprise and so thoughtful that she was recognizing all aspects of my life and not just my work.

It’s the little things.  One of the teachers I used to coach remembers a time I brought her a coffee on a stressful day above almost all of our other interactions.  Even if it seems small, thoughtful gestures that show you’re paying attention and notice people’s needs are often the most meaningful.

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