Kickoff Review: All Means All

YES KICKOFFYES Prep kicked off the 2015-2016 school year at the Bayou City Events Center on August 4, 2015. Over 1,000 staff members gathered to celebrate achievements, connect as colleagues, and align with a common vision: ALL means ALL.

In his opening remarks, Superintendent Mark DiBella asked staff to address the biases that exist in our systems, mindsets, and curriculum in order to better serve ALL students.

The question isn’t do you believe but rather how deeply do you believe in the potential of ALL kids?… Your imagination is NOT the ceiling for a child’s potential.
-Superintendent Mark DiBella

The program also highlighted the achievements of 2014-2015, the system’s new Advanced Teachers, and  staff members who’ve been at YES for 10  and 15 years. Eric Guadalupe Espinosa, YES Prep alumnus and current Dean of Students at YES Prep Southwest, shared how YES impacted him and invited five other alumni on stage to share their experiences.

As I look back on my YES Prep experience, there were many individuals who contributed to not only my academic success, but to the leader I am today.  The common thread is that of true authenticity and a deep commitment to connecting with students as people.  My influencers knew me and my peers, and that made all the difference.
Eric Guadalupe Espinosa, YES Prep alumnus and Dean of Students

YES Prep also celebrated reaching the 10,000 student milestone, a goal set in 2008. Our 10,000th student, Ken’Essa Douglas, and her father were featured in this video.

DiBella closed the event with a two-part charge:

  1. Do battle in your mind but bring rest to your body and soul.
  2. Be courageous and stand up for one thing.

To check out photos and videos from the event,

We will serve, and serve well, and serve tirelessly, ALL students who choose YES Prep, and we will embrace, and we will honor, and we will respect the diversity of ALL YES Prep teammates.
-Superintendent Mark DiBella

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