Social Justice League Wears the Capes at YES Prep North Forest

YES_North_Forest_LegendYES Prep North Forest wants its students to be the next generation of leaders in the North Forest Community. The  students that started The Social Justice League are living up to that goal. They call themselves superheroes and aim to bring awareness and agency to the campus and to the communities they serve– both near and far.

“We adopted the superhero theme because we want students and teachers to have hope in something. Superheroes make the world a better place, and we believe we can do that for our school and other communities as well,” said Jordan Pierce, a member of The Social Justice League.

When asked why they created the group, Yvan Mfinyom responded: “We need to shed light on the inequalities that LGBTQ, black, and Hispanic people face.”

The League meets on Wednesdays during lunch with their advisor and teacher-leader, Ron Lynch. This Wednesday, the group reflected on a recent project– raising awareness of a water crisis in St. Joseph, Louisiana– and made plans for the final six weeks of school. Students discussed issues they cared about– ranging from the LGBTQ rights, to colorism and skin-bleaching, to the education system– and brainstormed how they might use tools such as a blog or superhero-led discussions in community circles to raise awareness.

During the meeting, Lynch pushed students by asking, “How can we be the superheroes with the capes? How can we help?”

The Social Justice League was eager to answer his call.

North Forest Social Justice League-1

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