YES Prep Seniors Win Nationally-Recognized Awards and Scholarships

Join us in celebrating the seniors that earned nationally-recognized awards and scholarships. For more, see our list of YES Prep Alumni scholarship recipients here. 

North Forest_Group3

YES Prep Southeast

YES Prep North Central

YES Prep Southwest

  • Jazmin Avellaneda, Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship
  • Jose Garcia, Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund
  • Nora Torres,  Ronald McDonald House Charities US Scholarship
  • Anthony Villanueva, George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Scholarship

YES Prep East End

  • Jennifer Alvarez,  Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund
  • Matthew Carreon, Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund
  • Karla Garza, The Dream.US Scholarship
  • Iris Malaquias, Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund
  • Estefani Villagomez, The Dream.US Scholarship
  • Daisy Villegas, Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship

YES Prep Gulfton

YES Prep North Forest

  • Leonardo Anaya, The Posse Foundation (Carleton)
  • A’syjia Brown, Burger King Scholars Award
  • Jose Garcia,  Texas A&M University Regents Scholarship
  • Isaias Gaytan, Commit For Life Scholarship
  • Maribel Hernandez, Questbridge (Davidson) & Ronald McDonald House Charities US Scholarship
  • Orlando Martinez, Bonner Scholarship (Emory & Henry)

YES Prep Brays Oaks

  • Austin Aldana, Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund
  • Over Garcia, The Dream.US Scholarship

YES Prep West

  • Awolowo Mayungbe, The Posse Foundation (Texas A&M)
  • Brenda Morales, Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund

Note: These lists were compiled by individual campuses and may not reflect all awards.


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