Senior Spotlight Series: Southwest, Beginning of the Year Goals & Dreams

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we will follow YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, apply for colleges, and make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In each installment, you’ll meet seniors from one of our eight campuses with graduating classes. Check out our last installment, YES Prep East End.

Southwest 1-11

YES Prep Southwest, September 2, 2016

Southwest 1-23Meet Gerardo Cabrera

Gerardo is a dancer, soccer player, and member of the Do Something Club. He also is involved with his church. In the summers, he has taken advantage of EF Educational Tours and been a camp counselor for incoming YES Prep students. Gerardo’s dream school is UTSA because he liked the atmosphere when he visited and looks forward to the independence it will offer him. He’s also considering Texas State and Texas Tech. In college, he wants to major in nursing or kinesiology and continue his involvement with soccer and dance.”

“I feel like I would make a good bedside manner as a nurse. No matter what, I want to help out other people. It will give me a sense of happiness in my life.”

Southwest 1-15Meet Jose Salgado

Jose is a student ambassador, soccer player, and math tutor. He also volunteers with his church and is a member of the Student Government Council, the National Honor Society, and the Do Something Club. In the past, he participated in the NOAA Watershed Program and shadowed medical professionals. In college, he’d like to be pre-med and to study biology, so that he can be in the medical field. His top schools are IMPACT institutions GW and UT-Austin because Washington DC and Austin could offer him diverse opportunities. He is also considering Trinity and Texas state.

“My main goal for senior year is to complete a picture of my identity and develop myself as a young adult. I want to figure out: what are my true values? What do I need and want?”

Southwest 1-18Meet Mayra Velasquez

Mayra is a student ambassador, volleyball and soccer player, and member of Student Government Council. She has a younger sister in 8th grade at YES Prep Southwest, and another sister who graduated in 2013 and is now at Washington & Jefferson College. Her top choices for college are IMPACT schools Trinity and Claremont McKenna. She likes Trinity because San Antonio is closer to home and has a great STEM and Neuroscience program. Claremont McKenna is farther from home but feels friendly to Mayra. The school has well-known STEM programs, didn’t seem to have a competitive atmosphere, and offers a strong support system.

“My goal for senior year is to leave a legacy or lasting impression at YES Prep Southwest. I want to be a role model for middle and high school students.”

Southwest 1-6

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