Senior Spotlight Series: Brays Oaks, Beginning of the Year Goals & Dreams

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we will follow YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, apply for colleges, and make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In each installment, you’ll meet seniors from one of our eight campuses with graduating classes. Check out our last installment, YES Prep Southwest.

Brays Oaks 1-2


YES Prep Brays Oaks, September 7, 2016

Brays Oaks 1-16Meet Vannessa Riascos

Vanessa is a member of National Honor Society and Cheer team. She also plays varsity volleyball and soccer. In the future, Vanessa wants to be an FBI agent. In college, she plans to study criminal justice and business and looks forward to playing volleyball recreationally. Her dream colleges are Sam Houston State University, which offers one of the best criminal justice programs in Texas, and University of Texas (San Antonio), which is farther from home but offers her the opportunity to be independent and to study what she loves.

“My goal for senior year is to make it to the top 25% of my class. I’m very close to achieving that, and I’m looking for tutorials to improve my grades.”

Brays Oaks 1-20Fransia Rodriguez

Fransia plays soccer and basketball. She is also a peer mentor and a member of the Gay Straight Alliance, Spanish Club, and Student Council. During her summer breaks, she participated in AFS Colombia, where she taught English to children, and NSNLI-Y India, where she studied Hindi. She loves to study languages and hopes to major in political science or international relations, with a minor in communications. She plans to apply to IMPACT institutions such as Bucknell, Vanderbilt, and Carleton.

“When I get to college, I want to study abroad again. Eventually, I’d like to work in an embassy, representing the US in another country.”

Brays Oaks 1-24José Zelaya

José is a founder of YES Prep Brays Oaks’ Gamers Club. He is also involved in youth ministry and the youth council through his church. He wants to attend Rice, Stanford, or Trinity and to major in computer science and art. Eventually, he’d like to attend graduate school to study computer game development. He’d also like to be a teacher and can imagine himself as a professor.

“I’m looking forward to going abroad to learn new things about the world and my surroundings. I feel like I’m a scholar; my thirst for knowledge is never satisfied.”

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