Senior Spotlight: North Forest, Beginning of Year Hopes & Dreams

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we will follow YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, apply for colleges, and make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In each installment, you’ll meet seniors from one of our eight campuses with graduating classes. Check out our last installment, YES Prep Brays Oaks.

North Forest 1-2

YES Prep North Forest, September 8, 2016


North Forest 1-10Meet Anthony Birden-Williams

Anthony is a member of the Student Government Association and the Positive Black Male Association of Houston. He is also involved in track, church, and theater. Over the summers, he has attended Carleton College’s Liberal Arts Experience and Duke Tip. Next year, he would like to attend IMPACT institutions, Rice and Carleton. In college, he’d like to continue to be involved in theater and to join Greek life. Eventually, Anthony hopes to become a personal financial advisor.

“I want to help people manage their money in the best way possible. I like to work with people and build a personal connection with the client.”

North Forest 1-9Meet Janie Saldivar

Janie loves theater, photography, and yearbook. She is also a member of the Student Government Association. In the future, Janie hopes to become a dentist and would like to attend UT or Texas A&M for their pre-dental programs. Janie’s goals for her senior year are to retake her SAT and ACT and achieve better scores, to apply to and get into her best-fit schools, and to walk across the Senior Signing Day stage and make her mom proud.

“I want to study biology or chemistry, since you need those sciences for dentistry. All the women in my family have been in dentistry, and I want to follow in their footsteps.”

North Forest 1-17Meet Celeste Carl

Celeste is North Forest’s president and a student ambassador. She is also involved in volleyball and track. Over the summers, she did Cottonwood Gulch and Hire Houston Youth Boot Camp. She dreams of attending Howard because it has an amazing medical program, a hospital on campus, and is the alma mater of two of her favorite teachers. She plans to major in chemistry or biology, volunteer at a daycare, and join a sorority. Eventually, Celeste would like to be a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon.

“My goal for this year is to get an A in every class. My second goal is to develop a close relationship with my family and help them accept that I might be moving somewhere far like Howard. And the third is to show my gratitude to YES Prep. I wouldn’t be going to college or even thinking about it if it weren’t for YES Prep and Mr. Gilbert.”

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