Meet YES Prep’s Newest Mascots

YES Prep welcomed an eagle and a hornet into its family of mascots this fall. YES Prep Eisenhower and YES Prep Hoffman opted to align their mascots with those of the Aldine partnership campuses, the Eisenhower Senior High School Eagle and the Hoffman Middle School Hornet. Designer Daren Guillory, who has designed several of YES Prep’s other mascots, created the YES Prep versions of the Eagle and Hornet seen below.

Meet the YES Prep Eisenhower Eagle


“We chose the Eagle to align with Eisenhower High School. The Eagle signifies the possibilities that are available within the partnership. We are working together to make sure that the students of Aldine can soar to new heights,” said School Director Jamie Downs. The mascot has already been incorporated into YES Prep Eisenhower’s systems. For example, the campus’s demerit cards are called “Talon Cards.” Students who are living out the core tenants of the school are called “Regal Eagles.” And, since eagles swoop to catch their prey, another name for the Eisenhower Eagles is “Swoop Nation.”

Meet the YES Prep Hoffman Hornet


“For the past three years, YES Prep Hoffman and Hoffman Middle School had separate mascots, but our students were playing on the same athletics teams. To unify students around school pride, we made the decision to unify as the Hornets. This allows students to have a singular identity within the building and to leverage branding that already exists at the school,” said School Director Chase Sander. At YES Prep Hoffman, the Hornet life cycle has been used to build identity in grade levels. The 6th graders are called The Hive, since young hornets stay in their hive. The 7th graders identify as The Court, representing the work that non-queen hornets do to keep the hive running. The 8th graders are The Elite, the final stage of the Hornet and the leaders of the campus.


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