Student Activity Series: North Central Senior to Play Softball for Kansas Wesleyan

YES Prep’s student athletes meet the high academic standards of YES Prep while practicing and competing after school and on the weekends. In our Student Activity Series, we’ll spotlight students who dedicate themselves to academic and extracurricular success. In this spotlight, we’ll meet Jasmine Carlos, a senior at YES Prep North Central. Next year, Jasmine Carlos will be attending Kansas Wesleyan on a softball scholarship. Want to see a YES Prep student featured here for his/her success in a sport or extracurricular activity? Email communications [at] yesprep [dot] org with the student’s name, campus, activity, and a little about him/her.

Senior at NC with softball

When did you start playing softball?

I started playing softball when I was three or four. It’s always been something I loved to do. I’ve played all across the country– from Florida to California to Nevada and Colorado.

Did North Central have a softball team when you started?

Not at first. My sister and I had been looking forward to playing high school softball. We looked into playing for our local high school, while still continuing to go to YES Prep, but with YES Prep’s late dismissal, it wouldn’t work. We talked to our Athletic Director at the time, David Murphy, and he said we could start a team as long as we recruited enough girls and at least one teacher supervisor. My dad said he’d volunteer because he’d always coached me growing up. We also found a few teachers that were interested. My freshman year, we couldn’t get games scheduled because no one wanted to play a team they didn’t know. My sophomore year, we played against the North Forest boys’ team because there weren’t girls’ softball teams yet at YES Prep. We also played some other league teams in the area. Last year, we found a charter school league and a few more YES Prep softball teams emerged. We won our division and regional tournament and then went on to state.

Wow. That’s quite a journey. Did you have to teach other girls how to play?

There were about three or four girls that knew how. Everyone else knew the basics, but needed more coaching. My dad and the teacher volunteers helped them on the fundamentals.

How did you end up being recruited by Kansas Wesleyan?

Ever since I was little, I traveled with our club team and played in a lot of recruiting tournaments. I’ve always dreamed of playing college softball. At first, I was nervous playing in front of college recruiters, but that’s how you get noticed. Last fall, I was playing in a tournament with my traveling team. Kansas Wesleyan saw me play and gave me a card. I happened to be planning to visit another Kansas school, so I decided to visit both when I was in the area. I fell in love with Kansas Wesleyan. It was small like YES Prep and felt like family. Like home. They ended up offering me an athletic scholarship to play.

Jasmine Carlos 3Tell us about your signing day?

For signing day, my coach sent me my National Letter of Intent. It’s the contract that explains the parameters of the scholarship. I invited all my friends, family, coaches, and teachers that have supported me throughout my journey. They watched me sign my letter, and then I sent it to Kansas.

What do you plan to study?

I’m deciding whether I want to study¬†physical therapist or go into sports management. Kansas Wesleyan has good programs for both fields.

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