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Guest blogger Ana Wolfowicz is fast-approaching her eleventh year working in public education, and she has spent most of that time recruiting extraordinary talent for school districts nation-wide. As the Director of Recruitment at YES Prep Public Schools, Ana shapes our growing talent pool by finding unique ways to identify and connect with incredible educators.

Updated August 7, 2017

YES Prep Public Schools is in full swing with hiring for the 2017-2018 school year, and we are looking forward to receiving and reviewing your application. If you haven’t heard yet, we are opening our new campus YES Prep Northline this fall!

Last year, we hired less than 20% of candidates who applied for positions within our organization – our selection process is competitive! The guiding principle behind staff recruitment and selection at YES Prep is that we must find the teachers and leaders that our incredible students need and deserve, and you can learn more about who we look for here. As Director of Recruitment at YES Prep, I wanted to share some helpful tips for applying. Our application is the most important part of the pre-screen process because it is our team’s primary opportunity to get to know you. If you take these tips into account, you will have a higher likelihood of moving through the beginning stages of the process.

Tip #1: Before starting your application, have ready:

  • Resume (check out our resume tips)
  • Any Relevant Certifications
  • TEA ID number (if you have one)
  • an official or unofficial transcript

Tip #2: You should apply to the position you are most interested in and qualified to teach, as opposed to multiple positions (even though you have the option to do so). For example, if you majored in English or took many English courses in college, you might consider applying to be a middle or high school English Language Arts Teacher. You can learn more about teacher certification qualifications here.

Tip #3: YES Prep uses a “Holistic Review” process, which means we look at your application in its entirety – we do not just look at one component or use absolute floors and ceilings to make decisions. We will carefully review your academic background at the undergraduate and/or graduate level, past professional experiences and accomplishments, as well as your essays.

Tip #4:  Here are specific tips for composing a strong response to our essay questions:

  • Revise, Proofread, Revise, Proofread. Submitting carefully reviewed essays will show us how much you care about the potential to work at YES Prep. Consider reaching out to a trusted peer, mentor or supervisor to ask for help reviewing your essays and resume before submission.
  • Answer all parts of the question.  Read the questions carefully, and ensure you address all parts of the question in your response. Strong answers demonstrate an understanding of YES Prep’s mission and work, and show vulnerability and humility on the part of the applicant.
  • Ensure your essays are an appropriate length. We recommend the length of 250 – 300 words.

Tip #5: For references, reach out to current and past supervisors, or professors (if you do not have work experience); refrain from including friends, family or peers. Upon receival of your application, we will reach out to your references via email. Be sure to inform your references that they will hear from us.

We hope you’ve found our tips helpful! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have at We look forward to reading your application, and thank you for taking the time to ensure you have the best application possible.

Click here to learn more about careers at YES Prep and to apply.


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