Senior Spotlight Series: Countdown to Senior Signing Day with West

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we’ve followed YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, applied for colleges, and made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. What does Senior Signing Day mean to our West seniors? Where will they go to school next year? Find out now.

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Adesola Apetuje

Senior Signing Day is a chance for my family to see what I’ve accomplished. I want to thank YES Prep West because they pushed me to achieve my goals and never let me down. I also want to thank my family for being very supportive and proud of me. Lastly, I want to thank my senior class for being the best family for seven years. They’ll always be my second family, and I will miss them dearly. Next year, I’ll be going to Texas Southern University.

Eliezer Ibarra

Senior Signing Day is a celebration and a milestone for my family because I will be the first in my family to finish high school and go to college. It definitely symbolizes the end of one journey and the beginning of the next. When I first came to YES Prep, I entered into a contract with my parents and teachers. This three-way relationship has worked out beautifully and helped me make it to this point in my life. In college, I’m excited to explore the world and be shaped by new experiences and people. I’m going into this experience blind, but I hope to come out of it seeing the world in a vibrant spectrum of color. Next year, I’ll be going to Boston University.

Chit Khin

Senior Signing Day is a huge accomplishment. Over the course of the past several years, we’ve cheered on the seniors and had high hopes they’d do great things in life. I’m so excited to follow in their footsteps. I’d like to thank Mr. Scott for helping me get to Senior Signing Day. My parents have also contributed a lot. And all the YES Prep staff. Without them, this would be nearly impossible. They help us overcome all the obstacles. I’m excited to be a first generation college student. I’m sure I can graduate and do something great. Next year, I’ll be going to Carleton College as a Questbridge Scholar.

Keidy Leiva

Senior Signing Day is an opportunity to show everyone that I made it, that I’m willing to continue my education and that I’m committed to a school. For my family, it means that they will have their first child going to college. This tradition unifies everyone. I want to thank Ms. Hearne and Ms. Gonzalez for helping me get through the college process. They were there to support me, and I know they always will be. I’m very excited to go to college and pursue my dream career. Next year, I’ll be going to Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Kelly Liu

For my family and I, Senior Signing Day means that we are one step closer to pursuing a higher education despite various burdens. It is important for YES Prep to have this event in order to inspire younger students to continue to strive for their future.  I would like to thank my family for helping me get to school and making sure that I do well in school. I would also like to thank my teachers that always made sure I understood the material. Finally, I would like to thank my Young Scholar Educational Advisor for providing many opportunities for me. I’m most excited about studying abroad while in college and discovering a career that I’m passionate about. Next year, I’ll be going to Trinity University as a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholar.

Ranferi Sierra

Senior Signing Day is a great accomplishment. It means I’m going off to a better future. All the work is paying off for me and for my family. I want to thank my parents for helping me get to this day. They’ve sacrificed a lot and given me the tools I need. Also, the teachers and counselors do so much for us and we don’t always thank them. They’re working before and after school to make sure we’re successful. I’m excited to go to college next year because no one in my family has gone before. I want to see what it’s like, to get to know more people, and to branch out. Next year, I’ll be going to the University of Houston.

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