YES Prep Northline Introduces Its Mascot, the Revolutionaries

YES Prep Northline, YES Prep’s 17th campus, will welcome its first class of 6th graders this fall. We are excited to reveal its new mascot, the Revolutionaries.


We sat down with School Director Britney McGruder to discuss her inspiration for the mascot.

YES Prep Northline’s mascot will be the Revolutionaries. Can you share why you made that decision?

The idea for becoming the Revolutionaries was born from the notion that there’s this need– now more than ever– for students, staff, and families to be aware of what’s going on in our world and to take steps to improve outcomes for our communities and our own lives. When people hear the word “revolutionary,” they might think of George Washington or other historical figures. But our version of the Revolutionary is someone who takes something they’re really passionate about, finds a way to live that passion, and hopefully adds value to their community.

The Revolutionary will be depicted as a phoenix. Can you explain why you chose the phoenix to embody your mascot?

There are actually two elements of the mascot– the phoenix and the flame. The flame will represent the idea of passion– the thing that burns inside of us and motivates us. The phoenix represents creating positive change, which is driven by our passions. I feel it’s important to stress the idea that the phoenix does not represent the end of something. There are so many amazing things happening in the Northline community, and our mascot represents the notion of building onto that and constantly getting better.

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