Introducing YES Prep’s 20th Anniversary Logo

2017-2018 marks an important milestone for YES Prep Public Schools, our 20th year redefining what is possible when students from underserved communities have access to a high-quality public education!

YES Prep began as Project Y.E.S. (Youths Engaged in Service), a program that Chris Barbic and a small group of parents started to provide more educational opportunities for Rusk Elementary students who were about to enter middle school. Twenty years ago, Project Y.E.S. received a Texas state charter and became YES College Preparatory School. In the years since, YES Prep has grown from one campus to seventeen that serve well over 12,000 students across Houston. Not only that, YES Prep has become one of the top public schools in Houston with all six of our eligible high schools ranking in the top 2.3% in the nation and four ranking in the top 20 schools in Texas, according to the U.S. News & World Report. YES Prep students are passing exams at a rate of four times the national average and earning college degrees at a rate of five times their peers. The incredible 20-year history of YES Prep has been made possible by hard-working staff who fiercely believe that all students, regardless of zip code; race; or family background, deserve equitable access to an excellent education.

In celebration of our 20th year, we are presenting an anniversary logo. During the design process, the 20th Anniversary committee focused on three elements:20th_Anniversary_navy

  • Mission-driven: The new logo identifies YES Prep Public Schools by name and the slogan “Leading Houston Forward” connects to YES Prep’s mission and history of increasing the number of students from underserved communities who graduate prepared to lead.
  • Houston-focused: The skyline illustration and the use of the city’s name demonstrate our commitment to Houston.
  • Forward-thinking: The arrow represents YES Prep’s drive to continue to lead Houston forward, achieving our vision that every child in Houston will have equitable access to a public school that delivers an excellent, college-ready education.

Stay tuned to our social media, blog, and website for ways that you can celebrate our 20th anniversary of Leading Houston Forward.

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