Summer Fun with Camp YES

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Photos of Camp YES courtesy of Laureen Wimbley

Since 2011, YES Prep Southwest high school students have provided a fun summer enrichment experience for students in grades 3-5 in the Hiram-Clarke community. The program, Camp YES, offers core classes such as English, math, and social studies, as well as enrichment classes such as arts & crafts, science lab, dance, and French.

Kimberly Mireles, a junior, taught French at Camp YES. It’s her first year volunteering with the camp, but she wanted to get involved because she enjoys teaching and working with kids.

“It’s a chance for [the kids] to explore new activities and also to make sure that they keep learning over the summer,” she said. But counselors like Mireles also make sure the camp is fun– facilitating team-builders and games each morning. The camp also includes trips to the park and, this year, to the Health Museum.

The camp is offered to the parents for a minimal fee of $20 for two weeks, which helps with operating costs, t-shirts, and snacks. Over 60 campers and 20 volunteer counselors participated this year. To find out more and help support the camp, contact Laureen Wimbley

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