Students Receive iPads as part of Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Program

Last spring, YES Prep Northbrook Middle School (NBMS), in partnership with Spring Branch ISD’s NBMS, was selected to participate in the Verizon Innovative Learning schools program, which equips students and teachers with personal tablets and Verizon 4G LTE connectivity. On October 17, YES Prep NBMS students received their iPads and learned how to use them in class.

YES Prep NBMS School Director Jeremy Jones emphasized the purpose of the tablet program with three points:

  • The iPads are part of becoming a 21st century school that better prepares students to succeed in an increasingly complex, digital world
  • The iPads can connect students to the world and the world to our students, which helps them to become global citizens
  • Teachers can use the iPads to improve the ways they meet the needs of students by shrinking the amount of time it takes to give feedback and by allowing them to customize instruction for students

During the distribution, a group of students, called the “Tech Team,” helped other students learn how to use and protect the iPads. Olegario Maldonado, a 7th grader, was helping 6th graders with their iPads. “I’m really excited to use the iPad in class because, instead of asking my teacher questions about a video we watched in class, I can go back and watch it myself,” he said. Sixth-grade student, Elizabeth Rivera, was equally excited. “It’s a new way to learn,” she said. “It’s going to be exciting to have more resources and to be able to use the internet to search more information.”

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