Senior Spotlight Series: Northside, 2017 Goals & Dreams

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we follow YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, apply to colleges, and make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In each installment, you’ll meet seniors from one of our ten campuses with graduating classes. Below, you’ll meet seniors from our Northside campus.

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MonicaMeet Monica Cartagena

Monica Cartagena plays varsity volleyball and has traveled to China as part of her AP Chinese class. She has also volunteered in the NICU at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. For her senior year, her goal is to make lasting memories with her friends. Her top schools are Lycoming College because it offers a lot of student support and George Washington University because it has a hospital on campus. In college, she wants to continue to play volleyball and to swim. She’d eventually like to pursue a career in the medical field.

“When I volunteered in the NICU, I saw that the nurses were doing more hands-on work with the babies. If I become a nurse, I’ll be able to be more involved with the patient and have a stronger connection to them.”

BrandonMeet Brandon Lemus

Brandon Lemus’s goal for senior year is to leave a lasting impression and demonstrate his success when he announces his college at Senior Signing Day. Over the summer, he studied Mandarin with NSLI-Y in Shanghai. He’d like to attend UT because it has one of the top nursing programs in the nation and Boston University because the city offers many diverse opportunities. In college, he wants to balance fun and academics and would also like to join a Chinese club.

“I’d like to study abroad. I speak Chinese, and I want to keep improving in one of the world’s most important languages.”

NS-38Meet Yamileth Carrillo

Yamileth Carrillo is a member of National Honor’s Society, and has participated in Cottonwood Gulch and Lycoming College prep over the summers. Her dream school is Lycoming College because she loved the environment, dorms, and the professors. She’d eventually like to be a forensic scientist so that she can blend her love for biology and criminal justice. She’s also interested in astronomy and loved that she could see Saturn through the telescope when she visited Lycoming.

“This year, I want to leave a lasting impression on my school and family. I want to show my younger brother that he can do this too.”

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