Parent to Parent: Top 5 Reasons to Send Your Student to YES Prep

ReginaGuest blogger Regina Harmon is a Houston native, born and raised in the North Forest community. Her son is a senior at YES Prep North Forest and her daughter is a sophomore. Harmon works for Community Health Choice. Below, she shares her top 5 reasons parents should send their students to YES Prep.

  1. The academic and social opportunities. My children have been on trips and visited colleges I hadn’t even heard of. My son has traveled to more states than my husband and I combined, and that’s thanks to YES Prep.
  2. Academic support. When my daughter started at YES, she was struggling with reading. The teachers at YES identified it early, and she received special reading support and tutoring. They made sure that she was on grade level by the time she was in high school.
  3. Access to teachers. My children have access to their teachers before and after school. They’re not just another student in the class. Their teachers actually care and communicate with me. We work together as a team.
  4. Smaller school size. It builds a closer bond with the students. They help each other, and no one feels lost. It’s like we’re all one family– the teachers, students, and parents.
  5. ¬†COLLEGE preparation and support: When I heard that a high percentage of YES Prep graduates go on to attend AND graduate from a four-year university, I knew I wanted to send my kids there. It’s what I’ve always wanted for my kids. YES Prep works to make sure students are prepared for college. My son’s college counselor has been incredibly involved. She called me, introduced herself, and let me know what they’d be doing in class to help him apply to colleges and scholarships, which lifted a huge burden off of us. I have friends with seniors at other schools calling to ask me about how to do the FAFSA. My son has already applied to seven or eight colleges. Next year, he hopes to go to his dream school, Morehouse.

YES Prep’s students graduate prepared to lead and succeed. Interested in entering the lottery for the 2018-2019 school year? Visit

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