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Channing GauldenGuest blogger Channing Gaulden is a California native with over seven years of program management, education, and recruitment experience. Gaulden is passionate about achieving educational equity and recruiting incredible teachers.

In the U.S., only about 24% of teachers identify as male, with Latinx and Black male teachers each representing less than 2% of the teaching workforce. Yet, there is mounting evidence that students– especially Black boys– do better in school when they are taught by teachers that share their background. How is YES Prep addressing this gap?

ME-16On January 18, YES Prep will host its first Men in Education Event to discuss this question. Educators and parents are invited to attend the event and engage in conversation about the importance of recruiting and retaining male teachers. The event will include time to network with current YES Prep staff members and leaders, a panel discussion, a Q&A, and more.

“We can and must recruit more male teachers for our students,” said Channing Gaulden, Talent Recruiter at YES Prep. “At the Men in Education Event, we’ll raise awareness of the importance of and need for more male teachers in our schools and charge attendees to assist us in closing the gap.”

To attend the event, register here. 

Hear what some of our male teachers and leaders believe about the importance of men in education:

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