Announcing the School Director Residents for 2018-2019

We’d like to extend congratulations to the members of the YES Prep community selected to participate in the 2018-2019 School Director Residency Program. These five future Resident School Directors will begin their paths toward becoming School Directors in July 2018 and will continue this development under the guidance of tenured School Directors and a new Head of Schools that will be selected in January.

Antonio Castillo, current Assistant School Director, YES Prep Brays Oaks

Tony Castillo“Tony is an incredibly thoughtful, visionary leader. During his time at Brays, we’ve grown so much because of his ability to balance big picture ideation with immediate action, his strong coaching skills, and his ability to inspire students. Tony models what it means to build tremendous relationships while challenging others to grow, and I can’t wait to see where he takes YES Prep next.”

-Stephanie Gounder, School Director, YES Prep Brays Oaks



Gregory Little, current Director of Student Support, YES Prep Fifth Ward

Greg Little“Greg is a well respected member of Team Titans because he takes the time to build trusting relationships with students, staff and families. He is driven by our mission and is not afraid to take calculated risks whenever better outcomes for kids might be possible.”

-Barb Campbell, School Director, YES Prep Fifth Ward




Jeffrey Osborne, current Director of Academics at YES Prep North Central

Jeffrey Osborne“Jeff has seamlessly transitioned to the North Central leadership team and we are extremely grateful for him. He is a model of someone who is constantly striving to become better for students and staff. He regularly asks for feedback from his team at academics meetings, reflects on his performance openly, prioritizes people and their development, and openly discusses what he can do better with others.  He humbly expresses his opinion and brings his experience to the table in a way that strengthens the NC leadership team.  In addition, Jeff is a meticulous planner who has demonstrated strong innovation and creativity in developing instructional systems that didn’t previously exist.  We are excited for him to move in to the School Director Residency Program and to continue to build on the work he has done at North Central.”

-Michelle LaFlure, School Director, YES Prep North Central


Justin West, current Director of Student Support, YES Prep North Forest

Justin West“Justin has been a fighter for the students and community of North Forest over the past seven years. Since I came to North Forest two years ago, we have built an amazing friendship that I truly value. In his role as DSS, Justin has shown a tremendous amount of growth and commitment to his own development by leveraging the experience he had as a Leading Excellence Fellow, completing an intensive graduate program, but most importantly, being open and reflective to feedback and implementing it in ways that are meaningful to his own development while also supporting his teammates. Justin will be a phenomenal school leader, and we are excited to see him embark on this new opportunity. He will be missed at the Forest!”

-James Mosley, School Director, YES Prep North Forest


Jeremy Williams, current Director of Academics, YES Prep Northbrook High School

Jeremy Williams“Jeremy transitions into the Resident School Director program after most recently serving as the Director of Academics at YES Prep Northbrook High School. Jeremy brings with him an immovable belief in students and in acknowledging and pushing back against the systems that work against our students.  Jeremy makes those around him better and no doubt will do the same in his future placement.”

-Bryan Reed, School Director, YES Prep Northbrook High School

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