Sisterhood Summit 2018: Unearth. Carry. Protect.

Unearth. Carry. Protect. These words united the 110 African-American young women and 60 community volunteers at the third annual Sisterhood Summit on March 24. Students attended sessions entitled Unearthing Your Crown, The Weight of Your Crown, Protecting Your Crown, and Unlocking Your Crown. In these sessions, students were affirmed in their identity; celebrated for who they are; and empowered to embrace the full potential of who they will become. At lunch, students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from universities such as Rice, University of Houston, Howard, and Stillman and companies such as Halliburton and Lyondellbasell. They also met with community organizations and vendors such as Legacy Community Health, Africa on My Back, Offbeat Beauty Spot, Unique & Natural, and Inclusive Randomness.

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