Introducing The Hawk, The Mascot of Our Newest Campus, YES Prep Northwest

YES Prep Northwest, YES Prep’s 18th campus, will welcome its first class of 6th graders this fall at 14741 Yorktown Plaza Drive. We are excited to reveal its new mascot, the Hawk. We sat down with School Director Laura Washington to discuss her inspiration for the mascot and excitement for next year.

Northwest Hawk


Why did you choose the hawk as your mascot?
We chose the hawk because it is an extremely intelligent bird. Hawks are strongest when they migrate in flocks, and I see this as especially important when we think about starting a new campus. We will be strongest when we work together in alignment. Fun fact: hawks are not only able to see/perceive objects on the visible spectrum but also the ultraviolet range. I’m sure we could discuss this with students and spin it as being able to see what isn’t easily apparent.

In what ways will you use the hawk around campus and with students?
We’re still in the decision-making process, but I’m going to borrow the idea of houses from Fifth Ward, where each letter in HAWKS will correlate with a house and a core value of our school. Students will be sorted into one of those five houses and stay there as long as they are at Northwest. I’m still finalizing the values, but they’ll be an integral part of our campus culture.

What are you most excited about for the next year?
I am most excited to meet and welcome 155 new students and their families to YES Northwest and start building our school with them.  I am also excited to introduce YES Prep to a new region in Houston

What should Northwest families be excited about?
Northwest families should be excited about being a part of our founding class of students and being able to say that they were a Hawk when it all started. They should also be excited about the amazing staff that we have hired so far.  Our teachers cannot wait to meet our new students and help them start their path to college.

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