Senior Spotlight Series: Counting Down to Senior Signing Day 2018 with Northside

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we’ve followed YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futuresapplied for colleges, and made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. What does Senior Signing Day mean to YES Prep Northside seniors, Yamileth, Monica, and Brandon? Where will they go to school next year? Find out now.

Northside Seniors

Yamileth Carrillo

YamilethSenior Signing Day is a celebration of how much we’ve grown since 6th grade; it’s a chance for us to declare where we are going and what we’ve accomplished over the past seven years. When I doubted myself or thought I couldn’t go out of state, my counselor, Mr. Simmons, pushed me and helped me apply for scholarships. Now, I’m excited to be independent and take care of myself. Next year, I’ll be studying forensic science at Lycoming College!

Monica Cartagena

NS-27I’ll be the first in my family to attend college; my mom didn’t have the opportunity to attend school past middle school, so Senior Signing Day is my chance to be a model for my younger siblings. I want my sister to be able to say one day, “Monica did this, I can too.” I’m grateful to Mr. Simmons for staying after school to help me finish my applications, and for reminding me that great things come from stepping outside your comfort zone. In college, I’m excited to be away from home and prove that I can still achieve what I want for myself. I can grow into someone who is as independent as my mom.  Next year, I’ll be attending the College of St. Benedict as an IMPACT scholar.

Brandon Lemus

BrandonFor me, Senior Signing Day is a commitment to college. My mom knew that YES Prep was the best option for me to get to college and she did so much over the years so that I would have the future she never had the chance to have. I want to thank Ms. Mattingly and my mom for helping me get to this point– they put a positive pressure on me so that I would be successful. I want to make friends from all over the world in college, and I’m excited for the marvelous diversity and cultural offerings in Memphis. Next year, I’ll be attending Rhodes College as an IMPACT scholar.

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