Senior Spotlight Series: Counting Down to Senior Signing Day 2018 with North Forest

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we’ve followed YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futuresapplied for colleges, and made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. What does Senior Signing Day mean to YES Prep North Forest seniors, Danielle, Jordan, and Aurora? Where will they go to school next year? Find out now.

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Danielle GrahamDanielle Graham

Senior Signing Day is the culmination of all my hard work and the work of my support system to get me here. My counselor, Ms. Pugh, helped me learn how to trust the process and was always available to hug it out. Ms. Alfred let me vent and helped me through hard times, and my mom always believed in me. She provided me with what I needed to get this far. I’m excited to step outside my comfort zone, push my boundaries, and take on opportunities that come my way in college. Next year, I’ll be attending the University of Southern California with a Hamman Foundation scholarship.

Jordan PierceJordan Pierce

Senior Signing Day is the start of a new chapter in my life. Being able to declare my school in front of thousands of people will be such a joyous moment. My college counselor, Ms. Pugh, my mom, and my girlfriend all helped me when I was feeling frustrated or encountering difficult things. In college, I’m so excited to meet new people and experience new things– like snow. I will travel to new states, try new foods, and meet people from different backgrounds. Next year, I’ll be attending Allegheny College on a Bonner scholarship.

Aurora Rubio and parentsAurora Rubio

Senior Signing Day means that I’ve accomplished something– not on my own– but it means that I can push myself and get something if I really want it. My parents saw how happy I was when I came back from the fly-in and they’re very proud and excited for me. My dad worked almost every day without much rest so that we’d have enough money to send my test scores and applications. My mom supported me when I was feeling frustrated, Ms. Pugh gave me a little push when I was falling behind, and Jordan kept me on track with everything I needed to do. In college, I’m excited to meet new friends and do Collegebound, a program where freshmen camp, canoe, and kayak. Next year, I’ll be attending the College of St. Benedict as an IMPACT scholar and with a Rowlinson scholarship.

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