Senior Spotlight Series: Counting Down to Senior Signing Day 2018 with Southeast

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we’ve followed YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futuresapplied for colleges, and made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. What does Senior Signing Day mean to YES Prep Southeast seniors, Bitia, Angela, and Orlando? Where will they go to school next year? Find out now.

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Bitia Alanis

SE-17For my parents, Senior Signing Day is such a pivotal moment in my academic career. They’re so proud that I’ve finished high school and will be going to college on a full ride, but it took a village to get me this far. My mom was always trying to make sure I understood how important education is; my dad took two jobs to pay for my plane ride; before she passed away, my grandmother told me she wanted to see me graduate; and my uncle and aunt helped me to take advantage of opportunities. In college, I want to study abroad, explore, and help people in need. Next year, I’m going to Rhodes College as an IMPACT scholar.

Angela Barbosa

Angela BarbosaWe’ve been looking forward to Senior Signing Day since middle school. My parents didn’t go to college, so this is a huge moment to celebrate my success with classmates, friends, and family members. I wouldn’t be here without Mr. Treviño and my mom. Mr. Treviño is my college counselor, and he helped me overcome so many obstacles and tried to find opportunities for me. My mom supported me and took me to summer camps and meetings. I’m so excited for this new phase in my life. I’m going to be independent, meet new people, and make important decisions. Next year, I’ll attend Sewanee with the Otey Award.

Orlando Valdez

SE-43I’ll be the first in my family to go to college, so I want to take this opportunity to show my family that it was all worth it. My parents are the reason I’ve made it to Senior Signing Day. No one has supported me as much as them– especially my dad. My dad never got the opportunity for an education like I’ve had, and I want to do the best I can to make him happy. I never thought I’d go to college, so I’m so excited to get a higher education and learn. I eventually want to become a lawyer and be able to go out in the world to address the inequities in America. Next year, I’ll study political science at UTSA.

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