Leadership Summit 2018: Growing Humble Leaders

Group of Staff who have worked at YES Prep 5 or more years are taking a picture with certificateLeadership Summit logoYES Prep Public Schools hosted its fifth annual Leadership Summit from July 11 to 13, 2018.

The Leadership Summit’s mission is to provide exceptional development and create powerful connections system-wide resulting in a successful launch of the upcoming school year and obsessive alignment towards student achievement.

There were 250 leaders from all 18 campuses that attended, as well as 50 facilitators. This year 28 sessions were offered 1-2 times over the full two days of the Leadership Summit.

This year, the team of people planning and executing Leadership Summit expanded to include members from the Schools and Programs teams. They focused specifically on developing and executing a new vision for the summit; gathering input to create sessions instead of having people propose sessions; and created structures to ensure alignment across all sessions and team meetings. To celebrate leaders who have committed-to-five, lots of fun swag and certificates were distributed.

Check out some photos from Leadership Summit 2018.

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