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By Chelsea Achane – English Teacher, YES Prep Eisenhower

Chelsea Achane with students

My name is Chelsea Achane and I’ve been with YES Prep Eisenhower for two years. This is my sixth year in education. I started off teaching Pre-K and shortly after made the jump to 9th grade. I’ve taught Pre-AP 9th grade English, English I, English III, and these last two years I’ve taught English II. English is my true passion! 


I am originally from Louisiana, from a very small town outside Shreveport. I moved to Houston when I was about 6 years old and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I went to Prairie View A&M University and got my degree in English.  

I love English, I love literature, I love to read, but I didn’t know the career path I wanted to take, so I decided to get a degree in English and minor in Behavioral and Political Science. The plan was to go straight to law school upon graduation. Life happened and I took a detour, working as a substitute teacher at a local elementary school. Well, life threw me another curveball when the Pre-K teacher I was substituting for left suddenly. The school director at the time encouraged me to head the class and, while I did love the kids, I realized it wasn’t the right fit. I decided to merge my passion for English with this new career path and went to tutor older children in English/Language Arts (ELA) at a middle school. The students I was tutoring did so well on their state standardized performance test, the assistant principal over ELA recruited me into the classroom. I taught there for three and half years before coming over to YES Prep.  


At first, I was hesitant to make the move because of all the stories I’d heard about charter schools. But at the same time I wanted to be fully developed and pushed as a teacher. At my former school, I was told I was a great teacher but I never really received feedback on what made me great and how I could get better. I knew I was ready to do more but I didn’t know who could help me push forward. That’s when I decided to reach out to people I knew who were going through the YES Prep teacher pipeline. Their feedback was, “if you are craving teacher development, this is the place for you.” I’m glad I made the switch because I have grown tremendously these past two years.  

Eisenhower’s Dean of Instruction, and my direct supervisor, pushes me to my full potential. Before the school year began, we sat down together and set my goals, not only for me but for my students and where I wanted them to be before the end of the school year. Throughout the school year, we meet every week to review my goals and make sure I was on track. The most refreshing thing about teaching at YES is knowing that there are so many people invested in my success. No matter if they are part of leadership or part of the instructional team, everyone makes themselves available to help.  


I have teacher friends who tell me they have a lot of ideas but for one reason or another can’t realize them where they are currently working. That’s when I tell them that we’d love their ideas here at YES. YES Prep is a welcoming place. We welcome ideas, we welcome feedback, and you don’t really get that at other places. For teachers who don’t feel heard or feel like they don’t have a voice, I encourage them to join our YES family because you’ll have all of that and more here. YES has done a really good job of not only developing teachers but also creating a family-oriented school system that feels like home.  

Thanks to me coming to YES, I feel I’m a better teammate, a better teacher, a better person, and a better mom.  If you too are looking to challenge yourself professionally, like I was, I encourage you to make the leap and join the YES family.


YES Prep is currently hiring teachers for the 2019-2020 School Year. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of working for YES, click here.


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