All-Inclusive YES Prep Parent Portal in the Works 

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A one-stop shop to see your child’s progress 

Our goal at YES is to not only prepare each of our students to be college-ready when they leave YES but to also empower parents in helping their child through this high school to college journey. Knowing how your son or daughter is doing throughout the year is key in knowing how to support them. Currently, to review behavior updates, a parent logs on to the Hero application, and to check on their son or daughter’s grades they visit the Home Access Center. Thanks to the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, we are currently working on a parent portal that will make these accessible from one location.  

Back in August 2018, we were proud to announce that we received a grant through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to help us create an online portal where parents can view key student data, such as grades and GPA, discipline information, and attendance, all in one location.  

 The goal of this partnership is to: 

  •  Create a parent portal that visualizes student data and promotes parent engagement. 
  • Develop a mobile application that assists students in assessing and tracking their graduation readiness. 
  • Automatically generate, student-specific narrative and video reports to help students and their parents understand their post-graduation options and take specific actions to reach higher-level goals. 
  • More effectively manage YES Prep’s early warning systems which can alert educators to student needs as it relates to attendance, intervention and progress. 
  • Monitor academically vulnerable students to ensure that appropriate interventions are being made and that individual outcomes are improved. 

The end goal of this project being that by providing real-time data, it will support both students and their families with being ready for college. 

For the past few months, YES Prep has been working on creating this parent portal that will be user-friendly and will pull student information from the different platforms they currently live in. By bringing all this information into one location, parents will be able to get a full-view snapshot of their child’s progress. Parents will be able to see their student’s grade history, assessment information, behavior and attendance record, and other important benchmark information. In addition, parents will be able to set alerts for grades, attendance and behavior, and be able to take specific actions along with educators to support student achievement.   

Now that a model of the parent portal has been built, YES Prep has invited parents to regional meetings at four of our campuses to give our YES Prep parents a status update of the parent portal, show them how the site currently looks like and works, and receive feedback on its functionality. Once this information has been reviewed and the site is finalized, the end goal is to pilot the program at select schools in the first semester of this coming school year, and roll it out district wide by January 2020.   

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