12 Teacher Hacks for the Classroom

Ready to get your classroom organized and looking great? We’ve scoured Pinterest and YES Prep classrooms to pull out some of our favorite, low-cost tips and tricks!

Storing stuff:

  • Hang a clear shoe rack to store supplies so that students can easily access them and it doesn’t take up precious table or cabinet space.

  • To store paper clips, tacks, rubber bands etc., try using a spice rack.

  • Use empty tin cans or paint cans to hold supplies. Try covering them with wrapping paper or fun magazine pictures. Glue a magnet to the back to hang it from your dry-erase board or try gluing several together or using a wine rack to turn them into an attractive supply rack.


  • Use binder clips to keep all your cords stored neatly and ready to go!

Arranging & Displaying Stuff:

  • Use a shower curtain rod & rings for displaying or storing items like magazines, student artwork, or group work materials for easy access.

  • To hang up and move things around easily, try taping magnets to the backs of posters and anchor charts.
  • Use clothespins to hang up student work so you don’t poke holes in it. Just glue tacks or magnets to the back of the clothespins to hold them up, or put up a string ‘clothes line’ to hang things from.
  • Metal cookie sheets or pizza trays can make cute magnetic display boards. Keep them bare, paint them, line them with contact paper, or cover them with a thin fabric.

Doing stuff efficiently:

  • Glue craft pom-poms to the ends of dry erase markers so when kids are using them at their tables, they won’t make a mess using tissues, paper towels, or their sleeves as erasers.

  • Colored masking tape – once you get started using colored tape, you’ll find tons of uses for it. Two we like best are putting it on the floor to mark where desks and chairs go so you can easily get your classroom back in order at the end of the period or day. It’s also great for color-coding just about anything. Try putting it on book spines to identify genres or reading levels or on classroom supplies and where they’re stored so students always put things back in the right place.
  • Wear a utility apron in the classroom to keep essentials within reach. Etsy has fancy teacher ones or you can buy a plain one from the hardware store.
  • Keep colored bracelets (like the LiveStrong ones) on hand for assigning students to groups quickly. And since you can see everyone’s color at a glance, no one will be confused about what group they’re in or where they’re supposed to be.

What other essential 'teacher hacks' have you discovered? Share them in the comments!

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