5 Ways to Prepare for YES Prep College Rush 5k/10k

Calvin Stocker is Teaching Excellence’s Manager of Program and supports both internal and external initiatives that provide exceptional coaching, professional development, partnership engagement and certification compliance that accelerate teacher effectiveness.  Calvin aspires to continue strengthening TE’s partnerships with Teacher2, Uplift Education, KIPP Houston, and Spring Branch ISD in an effort to transform the trajectory of a novice teachers’ experience, development, and impact in year one and beyond.  Prior to becoming the Manager of Program, Calvin served as a TE Instructional Coach, Partnership Specialist, and Social Studies teacher at Project Chrysalis Middle School on Houston’s East End (TFA ’08).  

No one would have considered me fit two years ago, and I definitely was not a runner by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the only running I did was away from invitations to run. However, I gave into peer pressure by signing up for the College Rush and now I look forward to being a part of it each year.  Today I want you invite you to be a part of this great experience by sharing five tips for a successful YES Prep College Rush:

    1. Sign up. It sounds easy, but it’s actually the hardest step.  That registration email will sit in your inbox and, eventually, it will be too late. “Next year…” you’ll say. No, this is the year. Registering right now commits you to coming out on December 12th and being a part of it all.  Even better— registering for the YES Prep College Rush takes less time than warming up your lunch (which is the perfect time to do it).


  1. Invite a Friend.  Everything is better when you’re doing it with others. Superintendent Mark DiBella convinced me to sign up two years ago and it changed my life.  I had so much fun at the College Rush 5k that I continued to run every day. I have now logged thousands of miles, and, four weeks ago today, ran my first ultra-marathon. As you can see, inviting someone along could change their life. Here are some sentence starters that will most surely get your friends or family members on board:
  • “Hey, I signed you up for the YES Prep College Rush!  Your turn to sign me up!”
  • “I’ll sign-up for the YES Prep College Rush if you do.”
  • “Everybody’s signing up for the YES Prep College Rush.”
    1. Walk, Run, or Skip . No matter how you plan to complete the YES Prep College Rush, the important thing is that you do. Walk, run, skip, or do a combination of all three.  Everyone has a chance to set a personal record.  The great news is that if you’ve never participated in a 5k before, you will automatically achieve this.


    1. Build a Community. YES Prep is a strong team of students, parents, staff members, and community members that supports one another. Your participation in the College Rush will make our community that much stronger because you will have the opportunity to build relationships.


  1. Remember it’s for the students.  This really should have been #1, but you already knew this. Participating in the College Rush directly benefits the students of YES Prep and promotes our vision of creating life-changing opportunities for students from low-income communities.

Sign-up for the College Rush now.  What are you waiting for?  Seriously, do it.

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