Meet Maria Godinez, YES Prep Northbrook High School Student

Maria Godinez is a freshman at YES Prep Northbrook High School, a SKY partnership school that opened this fall within Spring Branch ISD’s Northbrook High School. Read about her experience in a YES Prep partnership school below.

How did you become a YES Prep Northbrook High School student?
I went to YES Prep Northbrook Middle School.Even though it seemed challenging, I was excited about spring trip and fall trip and saw that the school was family-oriented. I wanted to try it, so I signed up. When they called to tell me I was accepted for 6th grade, I was really excited.

What’s it like to be in a partnership school?
We have academic classes that have high expectations and we have chances to participate in a wide variety of athletics or electives. I’m taking an elective dance class, which is offered through Northbrook High School. It’s really fun. You’re dancing; it doesn’t matter if you’re from Northbrook or YES Prep. I think that’s the cool thing about the SKY Partnership.

Are there conflicts between YES Prep students and Northbrook High School students?
Not conflicts. But sometimes they get confused. At lunch or in electives, they ask, what is YES Prep about? Why are they their own school? They see that we have different expectations and classes and a longer day. They know we sometimes have more homework, but they’re interested in it. They make conversation about it. I’d say we have a good relationship with them.

What extracurriculars are you involved in?
I’m in MVP: Miller Volunteer Program. That’s something Northbrook High School has had for a long time now. I wanted to volunteer to help clean the community and make it a safe environment. I’m also going to try out for the dance team soon.

What’s your favorite YES Prep class?
I like my seminar class because you not only learn about college, but you also learn about yourself. You learn what your strengths are and what you need to work on. You do a GPA reflection and reflect on your grades. You take tests about yourself and your personality. I think it’s something that is very interesting and we wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for YES Prep.

What have you learned as a YES Prep student?
My takeaways are to work really hard for your grades. Especially in high school. It matters for college, and that’s where I want to go. Second, grades are important, but so is your character. What you are and what you’re involved in matters. Colleges look at that. Third, you also go to school to build relationships with the teachers and students and staff. I’m going to help my peers. It’s about being family-oriented.

What are your future plans?
Environmental engineering. We did a project last year and that’s something I found that I’m really interested in. I went to a college night and I liked the engineering programs at Texas Tech and Lamar. I’m also interested in law school right now.

Any final words for our readers?
Our School Director, Mr. Reed, showed us this graph of the students in Houston on YES Prep’s waiting list. I’m really lucky to be able to say I go here.

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