Senior Spotlights: Southeast, Beginning of Year Hopes & Dreams

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we will follow YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, apply for colleges, and make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In each installment, you’ll meet seniors from one of our eight campuses with graduating classes. Check out our last installment, YES Prep West.

Southeast 1-2


YES Prep Southeast, September 13, 2016

Southeast 1-17Meet Crystal Cerda

Crystal is a soccer player and a member of Southeast’s Running Club and National Honor Society. Over the summer, she studied Mandarin in China through the NSLI-Y program. She’s interested in attending IMPACT institutions that are small, but still have a diversity of students. Right now, she’s most drawn to Rice, Washington & Jefferson, and the University of Rochester. Crystal is also considering deferring enrollment at these institutions so that she can attend a year-long language program through NSLI-Y. Once in college, she plans to major in psychology and to major or minor in a language. Eventually, she’d like to be in the medical or law fields.

“Outside of college, I’d like to volunteer and be around other people. It keeps me distracted and doing something good for the community. It’s about building relationships within the community. It brings me joy.”

Southeast 1-15Meet Andrea Montiel

Andrea is in the wind ensemble, worked on the yearbook, and mentors students. Over the summer, she participated in the Rhodes Writing Institute. She’d like to attend the University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, University of North Texas, or Penn State. The University of Chicago is on the top of her list because she sees it as a place where everyone does work for the community and isn’t just in the “college bubble.” Once in college, Andrea wants to major in educational psychology, secondary education, or educational administration. Eventually, she wants to open her own school.

“I want to learn about how schools run. We’re starting our research papers for economics class, and I want to look at how the education system has become an enterprise.”

Southeast 1-13Meet Cesar Regalado

Cesar is a soccer player, cross country runner, and student ambassador. He is also a member of the Model Rocketry Club, National Honor Society, Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society, and South Texas UAV club. Over the summers, he’s participated in programs such as the Engineering, Math, and Science Institute, E2 at MIT, BlueStamp Engineering, and Camp SOAR. Cesar is interested in space exploration and would like to study aerospace engineering at Stanford, Texas A&M, or MIT.

“I really value hands-on learning. I like to take something I’ve learned and immediately apply it to a real problem. I built a robot in my summer program. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed making projects in my free time, tinkering with stuff, breaking stuff apart and putting it back together. I want to go to a school where there are opportunities to conduct research, to build things, and to do internships.”

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