Senior Spotlight Series: West, 2017 Goals & Dreams

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we follow YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futures, apply for college, and make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In each installment, you’ll meet seniors from one of our ten campuses with graduating classes. Below, you’ll meet seniors from our West campus.

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West-34Meet Angelica Pineda

This year, Angelica Pineda wants to be more involved in school and to push herself. Angelica works at Kumon Math and Reading Center and is a member of the Latinx society. She is in the process of applying for QuestBridge and is an IMPACT scholar. In college, she wants to study biomedical engineering and eventually work in the field of nanotechnology. Her top choice schools are Rice and Vanderbilt.

“In college, I’d like to continue to be involved with the Latinx community and connect with where I come from.”

West-25Meet Preston Truong

Preston Truong is in the Houston Youth Symphony, chess club, Senior Leadership Council, and National Honors Society. He also plays volleyball and is an IMPACT scholar. Currently, Rice is his first choice because he loves the campus and their orchestra program. His second choice is Boston University because he loves the environment and knows two YES Prep alumni that attend the university. He wants to study music education and eventually play music professionally in a symphony.

“My goal for senior year is to grow as a musician and a person. I’ve improved a lot since 6th grade, but this isn’t the end, and I have so much more to do.”

West-44Meet Dianthia Williams

Dianthia Williams plays volleyball and runs for the track team. She has also volunteered with the Harris Health Smith Clinic and is an IMPACT scholar. Her dream school is Xavier University because she has family nearby and the institution sends more African American students to medical school than any other college. She also likes their Greek life and wants to join the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

“I’d like to be an OB/GYN or pediatrician. I want to study medicine because that’s the field my mom works in. When she was pregnant, I went to every doctor’s visit with her and I was so interested in it.”

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