Senior Spotlight Series: Counting Down to Senior Signing Day 2018 with Fifth Ward

In our Senior Spotlight Series, we’ve followed YES Prep seniors as they set goals for their futuresapplied for colleges, and made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. What does Senior Signing Day mean to YES Prep Fifth Ward seniors, Jasmine, Leo, Alberto, and Bree? Where will they go to school next year? Find out now.

Fifth Ward seniors


Jasmine Carroll

Jasmine CarrollI’ve been going to Senior Signing Day since I was in 6th grade. I’ve seen classmates leave and go to college. And now, I’ve finally made it. It’s such an emotional, impactful moment. I’ll be the first in my family to go to college, so I want to thank the whole campus and my family. They’ve been really supportive during this difficult, first-time process. So many people on campus have written me letters of recommendation, stayed for hours after school to help me finish college applications, given me advice, and encouraged me when I was ready to give up. Now, I’m excited to leave home to attend an HBCU. Next year, I’ll be attending the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Leo Leon

Leo LeonMy parents are happy I made it to Senior Signing Day. I want to thank my friends from Duke TIP and the Texas Governor’s School for helping me get to this point. The friends I met in both programs helped me to see myself in college and be more passionate about learning. I’m excited to leave the state for college and for traveling to cities I’ve never been to. I plan to study pre-med or business administration. Next year, I’ll be attending Washington and Jefferson University.

Alberto Partida

GU-38Senior Signing Day means that these seven years at YES are worth it and that my parents’ efforts to provide an education for me have resulted in something great. I want to thank my teachers, family, and counselors for helping me get here. They connected me with outside resources and opportunities that I wouldn’t have had access to on my own. I’ll be the first in my family to attend college. I want to major in biochemistry and take advantage of internships at nearby hospitals. Next year, I’ll be attending Lewis & Clark as an IMPACT scholar.

Bree Rodriguez

Bree RodriguezGraduating from high school is a minimum standard now, but it’s still a huge milestone that I’m proud of. I know that I’m a model for younger students who haven’t had a parent or older sibling go off to college. The whole campus helped me get to Senior Signing Day. My college counselors helped me choose the best college for me. My teachers encouraged me and helped me finish the work. The office helped me when I was stressed out. I’m so open to what next year will bring, and I’m excited to see where I land. Next year, I plan to study speech pathology at Xavier University.

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