YES Prep Hobby will become YES Prep’s 19th Campus in Houston

Rendering of YES Prep Hobby buildingThe field of aviation has dramatically changed our world. From the first airplanes to take to the skies to man landing on the moon, the aviators behind this work have created marked change on our society. For this reason, we are proud to announce that YES Prep’s 19th campus will be called YES Prep Hobby and our students will be known as the Aviators.  

Set for takeoff in August 2019, YES Prep Hobby will be located in the buildings that were once home to Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc., a pioneer in the aviation industry. Located only two miles from Hobby Airport and seventeen miles from Johnson Space Center, YES Prep Hobby will reside close to Houston’s hubs of aviation innovation. Our YES Prep Aviators will also do the same, work collectively to transform society. As Aviators, they will be focused on piloting their own destiny toward college and career readiness.  

Founding School Director 

Chase SanderFilling the key role of YES Prep Hobby’s school director will be Chase Sander. An alum and former manager of teacher leadership development with Teach For America, Chase has been with YES Prep since 2013. Chase served as Operations Manager at Fifth Ward for three years before becoming YES Prep Hoffman’s school director in 2016.  

Regarding his new role as the school director of YES Prep Hobby, Chase shared, “I’m really excited our school district will be expanding into an area of town we haven’t served before, there is a great need for us in the community. I’m excited about the opportunity to take what I’ve learned at Hoffman and use those tools and skills and opportunities I’ve had there through the Aldine partnership to start our next YES Prep school and launch us into the next five years.” 

School Values 

Every YES Prep campus has their specific set of values for their students and YES Prep Hobby is no exception.  

Teamwork – Aviators work together with respect and humility to accomplish their goals. 

Responsibility – Aviators lead by example through preparation, organization and accountability. 

Courage – Aviators accept challenges and speak up for themselves and others.  

Stamina – Aviators persevere and never give up.  

Creativity – Aviators innovate with open minds and see new ideas. 

Wisdom – Aviators grow their knowledge and experiences to develop a world view.  

Preparing for Take Off 

YES Prep Hobby will be open for the 2019-2020 school year, first serving 6th graders and adding a new grade level with each new school year. Located within the 77061 zip code, we are aiming to serve 155 students and are still accepting applications for the founding class. Families can go to to apply.

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